"Instead of art", exhibition of nonspectacular art, Zverevsky Center of Modern art, Moscow

The works of the ESCAPE artists, represented at the exhibition:

"Just Escape" - the "program work" of the group: a computer keyboard with a removed "ESC" key.

"An Invisible Abuse" - a feigned column, that couldn't be told from the "real ones" was added to the row of columns supporting the ceiling.

"Dangers are lurking" - the benches in the exhibition hall were gradually becoming higher (some extra wooden blocks were nailed on to the legs of the benches).

"Grandma, the TV-set broke" - the object represented a TV-set which at first blush seemed to be switched off. However, having a closer look, the viewers could find out that the reflection on its screen was a video recording.

"About Religion" - the object represented a book by V.I. Lenin "About Religion" issued in 1956 for the blind.

"Electric eye" - one lamp in the row of other lamps, providing light in the exhibition hall, was different from the others in its shape.
Close by there was one more hit of the exposition - a book by V.I. Lenin "About Religion" issued in 1956. The exquisity of the object was in the fact that the book was intended for the blind.

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