"Thread - Needle"

Concept: As a kid, I loved the game of thread-needle. We used to play it at the street, both young and old.
Recently I realized symbolic meaning of this game, its parallelism to the contemporary art system, and decided to build its working model, resembling a "real" molecule.

I recreate a situation of artistic communication, with its actual choices, and I question the criteria of such a choice. Is there any objective character of artistic value in the history of arts? What is more important – artist him or herself (their charm, gender, age), their status or their arts? Where is the line of personal and professional choice?

Place: large exhibition opening.

Materials: badges or cards named "artist", "critic", "curator", "gallerist", "viewer", "collectioner", "journalist", etc

Participants: art system members themselves, viewers, anyone who wishes to join…

Game description: participants standing one after the other, holding hands raisen high above their heads. Hands form a long passage. Tagger enters the passage, choosing his or her pair. This couple stands at the end of the passage then. The one left alone now also enters the passage and makes a new choice.

Actions: All people at the exhibitions are asked to join in by the author and her assistants. Those who agreed are offered to choose a badge, preferably matching their true social role. Then the game flows freely, players switch, and the game is over when there is no one willing to go on with it.

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