March 2001, Rågina Gallery, exhibition “Our soft and tender animal”

"The path of Art-Woman" Performance.
Dedicated to Oleg Kulik's jubilee

My body, a bandage, a bottle of French perfume, razor blade, thread.

I am naked. I have a bandage over my eyes.
I move blindfold through the gallery space during the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Kulik’s jubilee.

I mark all men that I meet by spraying them with perfume and raining them with my hair which I simultaneously cut from the head at the same time with a razor blade.

    Manifest by Liza Morozova

Every man is a male, every woman is a female.

Every man-artist is a male. Every woman-artist is a female.
Every male marks his territory
Every artist wants to leave his trace in arts
Did Brener mark The Pushkin Museum as an artist or as a male (action “Plagiarism”)?


“Man and animal are indivisible within him” – proclaimed Kulik. But did the raised topic have any gender overtone? No, in fact, Kulik’s “dog” accentuated its sex very weakly, whereas:
The true male animal

1. leaves his marks aswarning flags on each crossing giving signs to other males.
2. takes interest in dogs of opposite sex
3. doesn’t bite indiscriminately men and women though is far more tolerant towards the latter


I am a woman. I am an artist. Therefore, I am an art-woman. As an artist and as a woman I wish you, Dog-Man, Happy Birthday. My gesture is polemics and dialog with you.

The Performance “The path of Art-woman” is me

marking the art territory. And art is first of all you,
dear Oleg, dear artists and gallerists, critics and curators! By leaving my female trace on your body and clothes, I make you to regard me-as-an-artist. By disturbing your personal space, I appropriate your art experience.

15 April, 2001   





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