"Two Zoos", Non-Spectacular Performance. "Halt! Who is it?" festival, Zoo, Moscow

I make an excursion for spectators in Moscow Zoo. Program includes meeting with 27 representatives of the world of animals and objects.
Each of them is named as one of the animals and exhibited next to it.

Author thanks all assistants for their help.

Duration: 1.5 hours.


(What follow is pun-based pairs; pairs are homonyms words which spelled the same but have different meaning in each case. Works only in Russian).







1. duck urinal
2. chiffchaff foaming wash
3. jackdaw - tick
4. red-poll tap-dance
5. jay - soy
6. magpie night-dress
7. swallow exercise belly-swan

and so forth

No. 8 -18

Other representatives of flora and fauna:
No. 19 27

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