June 1999
International Festival "Kukart-4", Zapasny Palace, Tsarskoe Selo

Window, 4 photographs 60x80, scotch tape, monitor, audio tape.

“Work by Elizaveta Morozova ranges similar. She is also interested in engaging the context to the maximum; however the accents here are placed somewhat differently. The artist doesn’t just appropriate the space, but rather tries to dissolve in it, in this way showing the woman face of this same strategy. When she partially covers the palace window with the photograph taken from the same window, she questions the relationship between the real and imaginary which is very relevant in the context of Tsarskoe Selo topography – a deception in itself.

Catherine Park was created from the design by architect Rasterelli in the so-called English style. It is a fanciful play between the real and the artificial dramatized by three hundred years. However the opposition “real / non-real” is not enough for Morozova, and she increases the ambiguity of her gesture by adding to the installation a monitor showing the same view. This creates an additional tension between the essentially identical pictures, or perhaps it’s better to say between the three absolutely different realities.

“Kukart – IV, Tsarskoe Selo”, Bogdan Mamonov, “Moscow Art Magazine”, ¹26-27, 1999, ð.81.

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